Do you suffer from long term or chronic pain?

Are you fed up of taking pain killers or struggling through the pain?

Looking for a long term solution to your pain problem?
Then OldPain2Go could be your answer.


OldPain2Go is competely separate to hypnotherapy and is used as a stand alone pain reductionl/removal therapy.

OldPain2Go is an innovative methodology which puts you back in control. The method is a talking type therapy which does not involve hypnotherapy or physical contact and is completely non-invasive. For many people it greatly reduces or removes old pain completely and permanently, in just one session. Please click the link at the bottom of this page to see what people who have experienced OldPain2Go are saying about it.

Medical research into long term/chronic pain has given medical professionals a much deeper understanding of how pain is created in the body and the reasons behind it. We now know that while new pain is necessary and actually helpful to us, long term pain is unnecessary and can actually be damaging to us. We can think of pain as an alarm system, it serves to alert us when we have a problem, in order for us to take the necessary actions. However, for a variety of reasons, sometimes the alarm system keeps us in pain and for some people this can last a lifetime. OldPain2Go can reduce or in most cases, remove old pain completely without numbing any area, or preventing new, short term, necessary pain from occurring in the future.

This method is safe, effective and suitable for most people who suffer from any type of long term pain which has been investigated by a medical practitioner. Most people with one pain issue need only one session with me, which is charged at £125.00.

Many people suffering from ME, Fibromyalgia and multiple pain problems have also seen amazing results, though in these cases the therapy can be a little more complicated so please contact me to discuss things further if any of these apply to you.

Most sessions are carried out in person in my practice, however i am able to offer skype sessions for the same cost for those unable to travel to me.

This is a lasting solution to long term pain as shown by a recent Client who had one session of OldPain2Go with me:

Thought it was about time I did a review for Tracy who my OldPain2Go practitioner when I had a bad back. Two months have passed since the technique was done and I can say that that I have been pain free for this time. I do totally recommend using Tracy, she will make you free at ease from the moment you meet her. I’m sure I will return if I ever need the treatment again. Carol

Lorimer Mosely explains pain in this video which is now widely used in pain management programmes across the UK and reflects the knowledge many medical experts have gained, and now use in their pain related practice

Tracys Personal struggle and Triumph

I suffered chronic back pain for 7 years following the birth of my son. I had to give up work and survived on some of the strongest prescription pain medications available. Every day was a struggle, feeling completely controlled by pain, left unable to manage even the simplest of tasks many people take for granted and needing to use crutches or a wheelchair most days.
Investigations found protruding and degenerative discs and i was told that nothing could be done for my pain other than attending support groups to help to understand and manage it. I was later diagnosed with a life long condition and was told there was little hope of my pain and mobility improving. Being in my thirties, with two young children and many unfulfilled dreams of my own i couldn't accept this prognosis.
After re-training as a hypnotherapist  i started to look for alternative pain relief options. I came across OldPain2Go and admit that i was sceptical! After deciding that i had nothing to lose i had one single session and was amazed at the results.
I now have my life back! The lifelong condition i was diagnosed with is of course still there, so I still live within certain limits and have come to recognise what my body is and isn't physically capable of. However, my old pain has gone, and has been for over a year now. I can once again lead a fulfilling life and my own experiences have motivated me to help as many people as possible to be free of pain for good.

Contact Tracy today for more information or to book an appointment.  Please use the contact form below and i will be in touch as soon as i can.
Click below to take a look at the OldPain2Go website where the creator gives lots of in depth informaion and where you can view several video testimonials of people who are enjoying the benefits of reduced pain, or in many cases, now living a pain free life!

Please note that i am not able to provide medical advice and Oldpain2Go does not replace advice from medical caregivers. To enjoy the benefits of OldPain2Go you must have previously seen a medical practitioner and had your pain problem investigated. Oldpain2Go can only be used in cases where pain has persisted for more than 3 months and where there can either be no physiological cause found after investigation or where a cause is found, there are no treatment options available other than pain relief.

As with all types of therapy individuals vary, therefore i am unable to offer any guarantee that Oldpain2Go will work for you. I will always have a discussion before accepting to treat a perspective client to ensure the method is suitable for them, however this does not guarantee it will work for them and i do not offer a money back guarantee.